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Code Modernization

The Board of Supervisors has directed the Planning Department to prepare amendments to clarify and simplify land use application review procedures and regulations. The goal is to allow for more straightforward, more consistent review of applications in a manner that is efficient, yet which also maintains an appropriate level of scrutiny over development and land use. The Code Modernization project implements that direction, and is also based on input gathered from the general public during the 2010 Planning Department community forums and other public meetings, and from various permit process stakeholders over the last five years.

You will find background documents about this multi-year project here, including relevant letters to the Board of Supervisors and County Commissions. You will also find a series of Quick Facts sheets that summarize specific topics, as well as announcements of public opportunities to comment on the project.

Please send questions or comments on the Code Modernization Proposal, and request to be noticed of future meetings, to Annie Murphy at

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