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Planning Division Contacts
Public Counter – By Appointment Only, Cashier – Walk-in
Building, Zoning, Geologic Hazards, Environmental Planning, Environmental Health, and Public Works staff are available for in-person or telephone appointments Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 11:30 AM. An appointment is required; please use the Appointment Scheduler to self-schedule your time. The Planning Division is located at 701 Ocean Street, 4th Floor, Santa Cruz, CA. 

A cashier is available during counter hours on a walk-in basis (no appointment required). Permit fees may be paid online here
Building We provide information about the building permit process, including application requirements, permit services, and ePlan Review. In addition, our Plans Examiners review applications for compliance with codes and policies, and our Building Inspectors insure that construction is safe and consistent with the approved plans. Staff directory here.
General Building Permit Inquiries Email
  Schedule an appointment Appointment Scheduler
Schedule a Building Inspection Schedule online here
Building Permit Comments View online here
ePlan Review Assistance User Manual and Video Tutorials ePlan Review Website under "Info & Help"
  In-person help Appointment Scheduler
Zoning We provide information about zone district standards, development potential, and pre-purchase inquiries, in addition to information about discretionary permit applications such as lot line adjustments, coastal permits, land divisions, and re-zonings. Staff directory here.
General Zoning Inquiries Email
  Schedule an appointment Appointment Scheduler
  Leave a voicemail 831-454-2130
Discretionary Permit Submittal Inquiries Email
Vacation & Hosted Rental Permit Submitttal and
Waitlist Inquiries
Project Specific Inquiries Find the Project Planner contact information below under Development Review
Environmental Planning We provide information about codes and policies that protect environmental resources, as well as information about site stability, safety, and grading. Our technical team reviews soils, geology, biotic, arborist, and archaeology reports. Staff directory here.
General Environmental Planning  Inquiries Email
Geologic Hazards Inquiries Email
  Schedule an Appointment Appointment Scheduler
Records Room We provide access to our records, including past building permit and discretionary applications. An appointment is required to view records.
Housing We administer the County’s affordable housing and community development programs, state and federal housing grants and local housing funds, and partner with affordable housing developers and other public agencies to create and maintain affordable housing in the unincorporated County. Staff directory here.
General Housing Inquiries Email
  Leave a voicemail 831-454-2332
Additional Ways to Contact Us
Receptionist / Switchboard (8 AM – noon & 1 – 5 PM) Call 831-454-2580
General Information Desk (GID) (Mon – Thurs 8 AM to noon) Leave a message 831-454-3252
Public Hearing Agenda Information Leave a message 831-454-3371
  Upcoming &
Past Agendas
Agenda Webpage
FAX   831-454-2131
Special Needs for Planning Programs, Activities, Services (5 day notice required) Call 831-454-3137
TDD Call 711
Storm Safety Assessment Information Call 831-454-3171
Street Addressing Call 831-454-2144
Mailing Address / Office Location   701 Ocean Street, Room 400 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Administration and Fiscal

Name Title Email
Matt Machado Director of CDI & Deputy CAO
Jocelyn Drake Assistant Director- Permit Center
Stephanie Hansen Assistant Director- Policy, Housing, &
Code Compliance
Angelica Diaz Secretary
Amy Willbanks Senior Dept. Admin. Analyst  
Julie  Newbold Dept. Administrative Analyst
Dacia Mendoza-Isaac Accountant 
Vikkee Hiddleson Senior Accounting Technician
Lucia Ruiz Office Assistant
Elizabeth Kanelis Imaging Technician
Joe Mathieu Records Clerk
Melissa Nathan Office Assistant


Name Title Email
  Building Official  
Brian Rubin Unified Permit Center Manager
Bob Collacino Building Permit Tech. Supervisor
Isolda Lobao Senior Building Permit Technician
Gabrielle Faybusovich Building Permit Technician
Bailey Kirkland Building Permit Technician
Jim Heaney Senior Plans Examiner
Lynne Bryan Plans Examiner
Garrett Jensen Plans Examiner
Shikha Singh Plans Examiner
Michael Sotero Plans Examiner
John Williams Plans Examiner
Raison Dean Supervising Building Inspector
Taichi Dean Building Inspector
Stefan Hayward Building Inspector
Anthony Malich Building Inspector
Cat Thrasher Building Inspector
Nicholas Todisco Building Inspector

Code Compliance

Name Title Email
Aaron Landry Code Compliance Manager
Lonnie Johnson Code Compliance Investigator
Marcus Mendes Code Compliance Investigator
Shawna Rooks Code Compliance Investigator - Short Term Rentals
Patricia Moreno Code Compliance Investigator
John Cairns Resource Planner
Julio Rodriguez Planning Technician  

Development Review / Zoning

Name Title Email
Lezanne Jeffs Principal Planner
Randall Adams Planner
Jerry Busch Planner
Alexandra Corvello Planner
Jonathan DiSalvo Planner
Evan Ditmars Planner
Elizabeth Hayward Planner
John Hunter Planner
Michael Lam Planner
Nate MacBeth Planner
Sheila McDaniel Planner
Victoria Miller Planner
Rebecca Rockom Planner
Nicholas Brown Planning Technician
Fernanda Dias Pini Planning Technician

Environmental Planning

Name Title Email
Matt Johnston Principal Planner
Rick Parks Civil Engineer
Craig Stewart County Geologist
Jessica deGrassi Resource Planner
Robert Loveland Resource Planner
Leah MacCarter Resource Planner
Juliette Robinson Resource Planner
Sydney Niiyama Planning Technician


Name Title Email
Suzanne Ise Principal Planner
Tracy Cunningham Housing Specialist
Micaela Lopez Administrative Aide
Porcila Wilson Housing Specialist

Policy / Long Range Planning

Name Title Email
Mark Connolly Principal Planner
David Carlson Resource Planner / Quarry Planner
Jacob Lutz Planner 
Matthew Sundt Planner
Anais Schenk Planner
Natisha Williams Planner