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For general questions and inquiries, please call the phone numbers in this table
Building Counter: By Appointment Only
Located at 701 Ocean Street, 4th Floor, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Appointment Scheduler
Building Inspection Scheduling
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Reception 831-454-2580

General Building Information questions:

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Please include your telephone number and address or parcel number in your message.  

Planning General Information Desk (GID) 831-454-3252

General Zoning Information questions, please call:

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Either way, it is very important to include your telephone number and address or parcel number in your message.  

Planning Commission Agenda Information 831-454-3371
FAX 831-454-2131
Special Needs for Planning Programs, Activities, Services (5 Day Notice Required) 831-454-3137
Storm Safety Assessment Information Line 831-454-3171
TDD 711


Building Official

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Title Phone Number
Jay Bradford Building Official 831-454-3195


Building Inspectors

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Title Phone Number
Sean Livingston Supervising Building Inspector  831-454-3096
Taichi Dean Building Inspector 831-454-2716
Cat Thrasher Building Inspector 831-454-2859
Nicholas Todisco Building Inspector 831-454-3214
Stefan Hayward Building Inspector 831-454-2826
Anthony Malich Building Inspector 831-454-2297
Raison Dean Building Inspector 831-454-3191


Counter Staff

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Title Phone Number
Bob Collacino Supervising Building Technician 831-454-3138
Isolda Lobao
Senior Building Technician
Gabrielle Faybusovich Building Technician 831-454-3106
Bailey Kirkland Building Technician 831-454-3104
Shawna Rooks Building Technician 831-454-3442


Building Plans Examiners

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Title Phone Number
Jim Heaney Senior Building Plans Examiner 831-454-3166
Lynne Bryan Building Plans Examiner 831-454-3229
Garrett Jensen Building Plans Examiner 831-454-2185
Michael Sotero Building Plans Examiner 831-454-3249
John Williams Building Plans Examiner 831-454-3174