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Environmental & Resource Protection
Types of Projects Permitted

This Master Permit constitutes County approval for the conduct of 15 specific types of conservation practices.

Streambank Protection: Planting vegetation or biotechnical structures to stabilize and protect streambanks.

Planting: Planting vegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses) to protect eroding or exposed areas.

Sediment Basins: Installing basins for capture of debris, sediment or high flows.

Obstruction Removal: Removing unwanted concrete, appliances or other materials from a waterway.

Access Roads: Using grading practices such as outsloping and rolling dips to improve road drainage and reduce erosion.

Restoration & Management of Rare/Declining Habitats: Restoring stream or upland habitats for local sensitive species.

Wetland Enhancement: Restoring and enhancing wetlands for species recovery, flood attenuation and groundwater recharge.

Structure for Water Control: Installing or upgrading water control structures or systems, usually a culvert or pipe, to improve drainage.