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Environmental & Resource Protection
County Grading and Erosion Contacts

Following are the primary contacts in the Planning Department for grading and erosion related questions.

Matt Johnston
Principal Planner
(831) 454-5357

Jeff Nolan, C.E.G.
County Geologist
(831) 454-3175

Resource Planners

North Coast, San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley (unincorporated)
Logan Thompson
(831) 454-2530

Mid-County (partial), Live Oak, Coastal Aptos, Pajaro Dunes
Leah MacCarter
(831) 454-3164

Aptos, South County, Mid County (partial)
Robert Loveland
(831) 454-3163

Costal Bluffs and Seawalls
Jessica deGrassi
(831) 454-3162