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Pleasure Point Community Plan

In 2007-08, the Santa Cruz County Planning Department undertook the Pleasure Point Community Planning Process.  During this process, the Planning Department and our consultant team from MIG, Inc. worked with Pleasure Point neighbors to determine how best to shape the future of the Pleasure Point area. The focus was on identifying and exploring issues related to residential neighborhood character (i.e., house size, scale, design, etc), changes to the residential character (e.g., small bungalows being replaced by larger houses), and appropriate public improvements in the Pleasure Point/26th Avenue area.  A series of 3 facilitated meetings were held as part of the process to get input from the community regarding planning and design issues in the Pleasure Point and 26th Avenue neighborhoods.  The culmination of this process was the Pleasure Point Community Plan, which is available in Adobe (.pdf) format by clicking the following links. The County Ordinances that implement most of the residential design recommendations of the Pleasure Point Community Plan were adopted by the County and were given final approval by the Coastal Commission on May 12, 2010, and are now in effect. These can be viewed by clicking the links listed under "Plan Implementation Ordinances" below.

Pleasure Point Community Plan *

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Plan Implementation Ordinances