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Example Erosion Control Plan

An erosion control plan should be overlayed on the project grading plan(s) or site plan if there is not a grading plan. The erosion control plan needs to show what BMPs will be used and where, as well as the total disturbance area. The plan must include measures to prevent erosion, contain sediment and control drainage.

The erosion control plan must also include installation details of the BMPs as well as notes. Some typical notes and details are shown below.

Typical Notes:

  1. Person responsible for erosion control / phone number:
  2. No grading may take place between October 15th and April 15th without a Winter Grading Permit.
  3. Seed Mix Specifications: Annual Winter Barley
  4. Erosion control measures shall be in place between October 15th and April 15th, or when rain is forecasted.
  5. Soils tracked on adjacent streets shall be cleaned up at the end of each work day.
  6. Inactive soil stockpiles shall be covered. Active stockpiles shall be covered prior to a forecasted rain event.
  7. The erosion control plan shall be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly as the site changes and after rain events.
  8. Erosion control measures shall be maintained throughout the rainy season.

Example Details:

Figure EC-1 Erosion Control Blankets
Figure SC-1 Fiber Rolls
Figure SC-2 Silt Fence
Figure SC-3 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
Figure SC-4 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
Figure SC-5 Stabilized Construction Exit