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The primary goal and mission in the Building and Safety section is to protect the Health, Life and Safety of all people in the County of Santa Cruz through our duties in applying and verifying minimum code requirements are met in the built environment. Our duties also mandate protecting the environment, accessibility, energy, drainage, and guarding against geological, wind, tidal and seismic hazards.




  •      A new building permit plan review and re-submittal process takes effect August 1 2015.  See the    announcement and flow chart.
  • The San Lorenzo Valley area inspector will cover these areas on the following days: 

        Monday through Thursday : Felton, Ben Lomond, Brookdale, Boulder Creek

        Monday and Wednesday: Areas north of Boulder Creek

        Tuesday and Thursday: North coast and Bonny Doon

        Friday: Minor inspections only. No finals.

  • Effective January 1, 2014, all battery operated smoke detectors shall have a battery with a ten year life. The smoke detector shall display the date of manufacture on the device, and shall provide a place on the device where the date of installation can be written.  For more information on smoke detectors, as well as carbon monoxide alarms, click here.




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