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Grant Funded Programs

New Application Opportunities

CDBG-CV Funding

The County will be submitting an application to the State Department of Housing and Community Development for CARES Act funding through the CDBG-CV Program.

An informational workshop was held on Friday, May 15 to provide information about the expedited “CDBG-CV” funding opportunity. Further information can be found below.

County of Santa Cruz Webinar Slides

County of Santa Cruz Questions and Answers from webinar

Letters of Interest and Preapplications extended to Tuesday, May 26th at 5pm.  Proposals can be submitted to , please include CDBG-CV Proposal in the subject line.

Information to apply for CDBG-CV

For information on the Guidling Principles, click here

For application materials for Public Services, click here

For application materials for Public Facilities, click here

Information from HCD on CDBG-CV, including the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) once released

For Questions and Answers on CDBG-CV from HCD Office Hours, please click here


Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA)

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (State HCD) recently announced that the County is eligible for approximately $3.3 million in PLHA funds over the next five years. The purpose of the PLHA Program is to help local governments to address their affordable housing needs. To access these funds, the County must submit a 5-Year Plan showing how it intends to use the PLHA funds over the next five years for eligible housing activities within the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County (County).

Additional information on the PLHA Program and the County’s PLHA 5-Year Plan can be found below:

1.         State HCD PLHA NOFA    - State of California Notice of Funding announcing the purpose of the funding and critical deadlines for local qualified agencies.

2.         State HCD PLHA Final Guidelines  - Includes eligible activities, application process, and threshold requirements for an application to be considered for funding.

3.         County PLHA 5-Year Plan  - Includes a table listing activities the County proposes to fund for the next 5-years along with the percent of funds which will be allocated to each of these activities.



Current County Grant Programs

  • BEGIN  -Building Equity and Growth in Neighborhoods Program
    • 2009: Mortgage Assistance
  • CalHome Program
    • 2010: Owner Occupied Rehabilitation (not active)
    • 2011: Mortgage Assistance
    • 2014: Manufactured Home Replacement
  • CDBG  -Community Development Block Grant Program
    • 2009:
      • Public Facilities – Davenport Water Project
      • Public Services – Second Harvest Food Bank
    • 2010:
      • Public Infra-Structure in Support of 1005 Affordable Housing Project:  Schapiro Knolls
      • Public Services:  Dientes Community Dental Clinic
    • 2012:
      • Public Facilities:  Dientes Community Dental Clinic Pediatric Expansion Wing
      • Planning Studies:
        • -Cemex Re-Use Plan
        • -Women’s Health Center Expansion Study
  • HOME  -Home Investment Partnership Program
    • 2009:  First time Homebuyer Assistance
    • 2011:
      • Tenant Based Rental Assistance
      • First Time Homebuyer Assistance
    • 2012:
      • Tenant Based Rental Assistance
      • First Time Homebuyer Assistance