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Zoning & Development Review
Zoning Administrator

The Board of Supervisors, through adoption of County Code Section 18.10.410, has established the Office of Zoning Administrator (ZA) and has designated the Planning Director as the ZA. The Planning Director may appoint one or more Deputy Zoning Administrators to carry out the functions of the Office of Zoning Administration. These functions include:

  1. The ZA is designated as the person responsible for the interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance.
  2. The ZA has been designated as the Approving Body for the following types of development permits:
    1. Coastal Development Permits
    2. Variances
    3. Commercial/industrial/institutional development permits of 5,000 to 20,000 square feet
    4. Residential development permits of 1 to 4 units (other than land divisions)
    5. Permits for certain types of accessory structures, agricultural buildings, certain home occupations, non-residential uses in the residential zone districts, and all uses in the PR zone district other than open space uses.


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