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Zoning & Development Review
What is my Zoning?

The following explains how to determine your Zoning using the County of Santa Cruz GIS Mapping Application.

Step 1

Open on the GIS Application through the Planning Department's Home Page or by clicking here. Read the disclaimer and click "Agree."

Step 2

Enter your parcel number in Box 2 and click "Find it." If you do not know your parcel number, click here.

Step 3
Click on the "Land Use" tab at the bottom of the window to view the Zoning as well as other Land Use information.

For a description of Zone Districts, you can click on the hyperlink of your Zoning, or you can click here.

Additionally, you can print parcel reports of your Zoning by clicking “Zoning” or “Full” as shown in the above screen shot.

To view an overlay of the Zone Districts, open the Layers table (#1, below). Under “Layers” expand “Land Use and Gen’l Plan” by clicking on the “+” sign (#2, below), then select "Zoning (text)" and "Zoning Graphic" (#3, below).

Click the on the GIS application for help with how to use other functions of the GIS

Click here for a printable version of this page.