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Zoning & Development Review
What is my Zoning?

The GIS Web can be utilized to locate Zoning information for parcels within the Santa Cruz County jurisdiction.

Step 1

Open on the GIS Web Application through the Planning Department's Home Page or by clicking here.  Read the disclaimer and click "Agree."

Step 2

Enter your parcel number or address in the search bar and click the magnifying glass to search.  To locate your parcel number, click here.

Step 3
Click on the "Land Use" tab at the bottom of the window to view the Zoning as well as other Land Use information.

For a description of Zone Districts, select the hyperlink in the “Click on Zoning Description” row, or click here.

To see the zoning for all areas within the County, select Zoning in the Select Overlay menu at the top of the screen.

We invite you to use GIS Web to explore Santa Cruz County's GIS data. You can access Assessor's Parcel Maps, Recorded Surveys, and over 100 GIS layers. You can review the Help to get started.