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CEQA Documents Open for Public Review

Initial Studies

Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends
Burgstrom Minor Land Division 131316 108-291-09 Lisa Burgstrom This application is a proposal to divide a 13.06 acre parcel into two parcels of 6.49 acres (Parcel A) and 6.57 acres (Parcel B). Requires a Minor Land Division and LAFCO Extraterritorial Water Service approvals September 15, 2015
Hochler Minor Land Division  141228 Located on the north side of Lockewood Lane Richard Hochler The project consists of dividing a 37,314 square foot parcel (0.86 acres) into three parcels of 11,835 net developable square feet (Lot 1); 12,315 net developable square feet (Lot 2); and 10,861 net developable square feet (Lot 3), with a right-of-way of 2,303 square feet.  The proposal does not include Architectural Plans as no building is contemplated as part of this Minor Land Division.  Design Guidelines have been submitted with the application to guide future building of two single-family dwellings on each of the two newly-created parcels. July 21, 2015
Jose and Rodriguez Subdivision 141213 1000 Rodriguez Street Cal-Cruz Hatcheries / Furtado Proposal to demolish the existing buildings and to divide two parcels of approximately 2.88 acres into 20 parcels, with common areas for access, parking, and landscaping, and to construct 20 single family dwellings.  Dwellings would be two stories in height with a range of size from 2,200 to 2,800 square feet in floor area.  Each unit is proposed to include a two car garage and the site would accommodate an additional 32 uncovered parking spaces, for a total of 72 off-street parking spaces, in compliance with County Code requirements for residents and guests. 07/13/15
Amendments to Santa Cruz County Code Section 7.38.060 and 7.38.080 N/A Countywide N/A

Amend Section 7.38.060(C) to allow the use of an offsite easement for sewage disposal to allow development of publicly owned facilities on sites not suitable for onsite sewage disposal where such a facility would provide a public benefit.

Amend Section 7.38.080(C) to extend the time frame for reconstruction from three years to ten years after a calamity. The minimum parcel size requirements as outlined in Setion 7.38.045 and Attachment 2 currently preclude reconstruction after three years on any parcel not meeting the required minimum parcel size. The ordinance amendment would allow reconstruction within 10 years of the date of the calamity. The proposed amendments would go into effect outside of the coastal zone thirty days after adoption by the Board of Supervisors, and within the coastal zone following California Coastal Commission certification.

June 24, 2015


Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends


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