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CEQA Documents Open for Public Review

Initial Studies

Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends
Davenport Recycled Water Project 151029

058-021-03 and -07, 058-022-11, 058-071-04, and 058-072-01

Public Right-of-Way, and Coast Dairies & Land Co., & Lonestar

The proposed project would include treatment plant upgrades consisting of: (1) Dredging the treatment lagoon of accumulated solids; (2) Installing alarms for the filtration and disinfection processes; and (3) Adding redundancy for coagulant and hypochlorite dosing.  The District proposes to construct a storage pond within the Coast Dairies Agricultural Parcel Two located to the northwest of New Town Davenport to store treated water.   A pump station and truck fill station would be constructed adjacent to the storage pond.  Distribution piping would be constructed to provide recycled water to two irrigation ponds on the seaward side of Highway 1 across from the treatment plant.  This new pipeline would include jacking and boring a casing pipe under Highway 1 and the railroad right-of-way (See Figure 2 in Initial Study). 03/24/15
Proposed Staub Field Camp 121314 057-121-22 (thirteen parcels total) CalPoly State University Foundation Proposal to expand an existing educational research campus (Staub Field Camp) consisting of the construction of 12 student cabins (3,840 sq. ft. total), 2 staff cabins (1,880 sq. ft. total), a 3,816 sq. ft. Learning Center/Dining Hall, 400 square foot addition to existing classrooms, 900 sq. ft. Comfort Station (bathroom/shower), 720 sq. ft. laundry/break room, outdoor uncovered amphitheater/fire pit, the conversion of an existing non-habitable accessory structure into a training room, a lot line adjustment between APNs 057-121-22 and 057-151-03 and a significant tree removal.  the project also includes approximately 468 cubic yards of excavation and 476 cubic yards of fill and improvements to School House Gulch Road at its intersection with Swanton Road. 03/20/15
Pasatiempo Water Storage Tank 141215 060-011-02 Pasatiempo, Inc. The proposal includes the following:  construction of a 500,000 gallon water tank for storage of tertiary treated non-potable water, on-site well water, and City of Santa Cruz Water Department water for irrigation of the Pasatiempo Golf Course; construction of a 625 square foot pump house; maintenance access road off of Sims Road; and 230 square foot restroom and associated leach field for golf course use; landscape screening; and approximately 2,699 cubic yards of cut and 1,710 cubic yards of fill.  The proposal requires a Commercial Development Permit, Preliminary Grading Approval, and Environmental Review.  03/11/2015


Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends


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