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CEQA Documents Open for Public Review

Initial Studies

Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends
2015 County of Santa Cruz Housing Element Update N/A Countywide N/A The proposed County of Santa Cruz 2015 Housing Element reports on existing conditions about housing in the unincorporated communities of Santa Cruz County, and establishes community priorities with regard to housing issues.  The Housing Element Update lays the foundation for the policies, programs and projects that would be the focus of housing efforts over the course of the Housing Element  planning period, which for this update is December 31, 2015 through December 31, 2023. The evaluation of available housing sites covers the period of January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2023, which is the Regional Housing Needs Allocation projection period.  The Housing Element is one of the seven required elements of the County's General Plan, the document that guides land use planning and development activities in the unincorporated area. October 30, 2015
Amendments to Santa Cruz County Code 7.38.060 and 7.38.080 N/A Countywide N/A

Amend Section 7.38.060 (C) of the County Code, and Section 5.5.17(b) of the General Plan to allow the use of an offsite easement for sewage disposal to allow development of publicly owned facilities on sites not suitable for onsite sewage disposal where such a facility would provide a public benefit.

Amend Section 7.38.080 (C) to extend the time frame for reconstruction from three years to ten years after a calamity.  The minimum parcel size requirements as outlined in Section 7.38.045 and Attachment 2 currently preclude reconstruction after three years on any parcel not meeting the required minimum parcel size. The ordinance amendment would allow reconstruction within 10 years of the date of the calamity. The proposed amendments would go into effect outside of the coastal zone thirty days after adoption by the Board of Supervisors, and within the coastal zone following California Coastal Commission certification.

October 15, 2015
The Lumberyard Mixed Use Development 141157 032-092-01; 032-092-05 North Point Investments Fund, LLC Proposal to demolish an existing lumberyard building and to construct a 9,600 square foot commercial, retail building with one commercial condominium unit at the lower floor that includes 3,200 square feet of restaurant use and 3,200 square feet of retail use and 3,200 square feet of office/service commercial use, and eight residential condominium units totaling 9,600 square feet at the second and third floor, together with a detached 2,033 square foot residential parking structure with eight separate garages, one for each condominium unit. This requires a Commercial Development permit including a Master Occupancy Permit; the approval of a Tentative Map; a Coastal Development Permit; a Height Exception to allow for an increase in height from 35 feet to around 38 feet 4 inches; a Variance to allow for two name signs for the center; Design Review, and the approval of a Parking Plan. October 13, 2015
Juvenile Hall Seed to Table  N/A 061-371-16 County of Santa Cruz Proposal to renovate and upgrade the existing juvenile hall, including upgrades to outdated kitchen and laundry facilities; septic system; renovation of existing day program rooms; heating and cooling improvements; construction of onsite greenhouse and garden plots; replacement of security fencing; and upgrades to building structural, electrical, mechanical, security, and fire and life safety systems. October 8, 2015


Project Name Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name Project Description Public Comment Period Ends


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