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Archived CEQA Documents

Initial Studies

Project Name / Link(s) Date Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name
Amendments of General Plan / Local Coastal Program Public Safety and Noise Elements, and Amendments of County Code Geologic Hazards Ordinance, Floodplain Regulations, and Erosion Control Ordinance 01/21/15 N/A Countywide Countywide N/A
Wireless Communication Facilities Ordinance Revisions  11/10/14 N/A Countywide Countywide County of Santa Cruz
Mount Hermon Youth Recreation Center 09/19/14 131234 071-331-05, -06 Located on the north side of Graham Hill Road at the intersection with Conference Drive Mount Hermon Association
Johnson Grading 09/19/14 141037 108-161-32, -34, -37, -38, -40, -46, -47 Located on a private drive on the east side of Freedom Boulevard 200 feet past Pleasant Valley Court in the Corralitos area. Ralph and Yeelan Johnson
Castle Rock State Park Entrance Relocation 05/27/14 131055 088-081-12 Southwest side of Skyline Boulevard, which is also State Route (SR) 35, about 2.3 miles from its intersection with Highway 9 (15435 Skyline Blvd., Los Gatos) Sempervirens Fund
Isbel Drive Minor Land Division 04/30/14 131175 068-241-11; 008-491-07 190 Isbel Drive, Santa Cruz Mike & Kathy LaMarche
Chaminade Lane Grading 03/24/14 131108

025-013-43, -44,-45,-46

Located on the east side of Chaminade Lane approximately 300 feet north of the intersection of Chaminade Lane and Paul Sweet Road Barry Swenson Builder
Graham Hill Road Bridge Storm Damage Repair Project 03/11/14 N/A 071-201-43 Located on the north side of the Graham Hill Road Bridge located between Mt. Hermon Road to the east and Highway 9 on the west side of the San Lorenzo River. The project site is located within County right-of-way adjacent to Assessor's Parcen Number (APN) 071-201-43 within the community of Felton in the unincorporated County of Santa Cruz. County of Santa Cruz
Heart of Soquel Master Site Plan 03/11/2014 111131 Various Located in the southwest quadrant (Soquel Drive and Porter Street) of Soquel Village and accessed via the right-of-way off Soquel Drive adjacent to the former post office and via Porter Street. County of Santa Cruz
North Rodeo Gulch 4.75 Stream Bank Stabilization 03/11/2014 N/A County Right of Way North Rodeo Gulch (Post Mile Marker 4.75) Located on North Rodeo Gulch Road at Post Mile Marker 4.75 County of Santa Cruz
Nelson Road Re-establishment 02/20/2014 131330 070-011-28 Located at the terminus of the County maintained portion of Nelson Road, in the unincorporated portion of Santa Cruz County, near Highway 17 south, exit Mt. Hermon Road west. At the far end of the city limits, turn right on Lockhart Gulch, and right onto Nelson Road.  Continue 2 miles to the slide. County of Santa Cruz
Storemore Storge Facility 02/10/2014 131046


9687 Soquel Drive, Soquel
Juvenile Hall Recreation Facility 05/15/2013 131090 061-371-16 3650 Graham Hill Road Santa Cruz County
Smith Road Culvert Replacement 05/15/2013 121256   Post Mile Marker (PM) 0.35 Santa Cruz County
Paulsen Road Culvert Replacement 05/15/2013  121258   Post Mile Markers (PM) 0.32, 0.92 and 0.94  Santa Cruz County
Pasatiempo Sewering Sphere of Influence & Annexation  05/15/2013   Multiple APN's   Multiple Owners 
Pajaro River Excavation

Revegetation Plan

Figure 1- Site Overview
2/27/12 06-0133 - The project area consists of the lower 7.5 miles of the Pajaro River mainstem beginning immediately west of Murphy Road Crossing and ending immediately east of the State Route 1 Bridge. County of Santa Cruz Flood Control
Interim Programmatic
Habitat Conservation Plan (IPHCP)
3/30/11 N/A Multiple Parcels (3,606 parcels) Multiple Multiple Property Owners
Single Use Bag Reduction Ordinance 3/16/11 N/A County-wide County-wide County of Santa Cruz


Project Name / Link(s) Date Application # APN Address / Location Owner Name
Bonny Doon Limestone Quarry Boundary Expansion Project July 2009 99-0561
The Shale and Limestone Quarries are located in the rural community of Bonny Doon approximately 1.5 miles east of Davenport in the coastal mountains of Santa Cruz County CEMEX
Atkinson Lane PUD May 2009 N/A 019-226-42
Santa Cruz County adjacent to the eastern edge of the Watsonville City limits
Addresses include:
52 Atkinson Lane
56 Atkinson Lane
58 Atkinson Lane
72 Atkinson Lane
78 Atkinson Lane
127 Atkinson Lane
East Cliff Drive Bluff Protection and Parkway Project Nov. 2006 00-0797 NO_APN_SPEC
The project area includes and is adjacent to: East Cliff Drive, the Pleasure Point Park site (located on the southeast corner of the intersection of East Cliff Drive and 32nd Avenue / Pleasure Point Drive; 32nd Avenue becomes Pleasure Point Drive on the south side of East Cliff Drive), The Hook park site on the south side of East Cliff Drive at the south end of 41st Avenue, and the adjacent beach areas County of Santa Cruz RDA / DPW
Soda Lake Facility Expansion Project April 2004 02-0339 110-201-02
Property located on the north side of Riverside Road, 2325 Riverside Road, about one mile west of the County line. Graniterock
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