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Records Room Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does the Planning Department keep plans for my house/structure?
A. The Planning Department maintains a partial or complete set of building permit records depending on the type of permit issued. 90 days after a permit is finaled, the Planning Department will archive the building permit. Some building permits, generally those issued between 1950 and 1970, do not have plans attached to the original issued building permit, so those plans would not be available.
Q. What if I can't find what I am looking for in the Records Room?
A.The Planning Department stores older discretionary files, resolved code violation files, finaled building permits and other miscellaneous items in an archival storage facility. A fee is charged for all items retrieved from this facility. This fee represents the Department's cost to retrieve the records, but does not include duplication costs.
Q. Can I get copies of building plans?
A. If copies of plans are needed, you must provide a completed Authorization for Duplication form to our Records Room staff. 
Q. How much notice should I give the Records Room when I need to view a file?
A. Although many of the files are in the Records Room, some will be archived or checked out to planning staff. It could take a few days to retrieve a file.