Estimate County ADU Fees

The ADU Fee Estimator tool has been developed to estimate Santa Cruz County fees specifically for ADU projects! Applicants can enter information about Conversion and New Construction ADU projects, and can also add information about other project components such as garages, interior remodels of the main home, and site work. Based on the information provided, the tool estimates County fees.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool does NOT estimate fees for non-County agencies. Also, if a project involves a new home or an addition that is NOT associated with an ADU, applicants should instead use the County’s Residential Building Permit Fee Estimate Worksheet for accurate fee estimates.

QUESTIONS about how to use the Fee Estimator? Please consult our Fee Estimator Instructions for ADU Projects. If you still have questions, Building and Zoning staff is happy to help you understand our fees. Please contact or call (831) 454-2130 for Zoning information and (831) 454-2260 for Building information.

NEXT STEP: Input the project’s fee estimate from the Fee Estimator, along with your construction cost estimates, into the Construction Cost and Cash Flow Estimator.