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**** Welcome to the Recovery Permit Center ****

We are here to assist you to obtain building permits to replace homes and other structures that were damaged or destroyed by the CZU fire.

Please reach us at:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 to noon and 1:00 – 5:00
(Note we are not open December 24 – January 4 due to the holiday and County furlough)


The Recovery Permit Center is a resource dedicated to rebuilding after the fire. We are operating by appointment during Covid. Appointments are primarily online, however we will work with you if need the alternative of coming in person. To self-schedule an appointment go to and follow the prompts, or contact us to schedule for you.

Informational conversations and pre-application meetings and are strongly encouraged. We’d like to hear your particular circumstances and help you navigate the permit process while your project is still conceptual.

Information about your site, including fire access, septic system, and geologic setting, and the legal status of the home you are replacing, will all be considerations for rebuilding. In general terms, the sequence for rebuilding will be:

**** Please reach out for early information and assistance. We look forward to helping you to recover and rebuild ****