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Recover and Rebuild

Our condolences to those in our community who have lost their homes due to the CZU Complex lightening fires. We understand your desire to move forward with rebuilding efforts as quickly as possible. We are committed to building an expedited and streamlined process, to ensure that our community can rebuild as quickly as possible. We will be posting more information here and at Recovery Permit Center as expedited processes are developed.

Advisory: As a result of the fire, there is an elevated risk from debris flows, which are dangerous, fast moving mud and debris slides originating on the burned slopes and traveling rapidly downhill. Debris flows may impact burned areas and drainages as well as flatter areas at the base of the mountains that did not burn. Please view evacuation and safety information at, and prepare yourself and your family for a safe winter.

Rebuilding – Next Steps

Initial damage assessments regarding basic infrastructure and property status were completed shortly after the fire. Review the Damage Assessment Map for preliminary information.

Next steps in the rebuilding process will generally follow this sequence:

  1. File a claim with your insurance company. In addition, apply for financial assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Please review the attached FEMA Claims Information Sheet on additional information regarding filing a FEMA claim. There are deadlines involved so it is best to file as soon as possible.
  2. If you are considering temporary housing in an RV or other temporary accommodation either on or off site of your property while you rebuild, see our temporary housing brochure (English) and temporary housing brochure (Spanish). An application form for a temporary housing permit is found here: Temporary Housing Permit Application.
  3. File a Calamity Application with the Assessor’s Office. Through this process Assessor’s Office staff will initiate re-assessment of your property, which includes enable them to share property record information with you. Please go to the Assessor’s Office website at: for the application and more information.
  4. Obtain Building Permit records, including archived project plans, by emailing the Records Room staff at: with the following in the email title “Fire Records Request” to allow for expedited processing. These records are required for staff to determine next steps in the permitting process.
  5. Arrange for debris removal from the site. There are deadlines to sign on to the public option for removal. Visit Environmental Health for information:
  6. Pre-permit application meetings, permit application, submittal, and review. Most single-family residential projects will require a building permit only; however, some locations or projects may need a discretionary development permit, environmental resource permit, or other special exception or consideration. Connect with the Recovery Permit Center for rebuilding permit related information and to schedule a pre-application appointment:
    By email (best):
    Phone: 831-454-5323
    Hours: M-F, 8:00 - noon, 1:00 - 5:00
  7. Construction and inspection.
  8. Move home!

More Information

For more information about records research and permitting, please email our dedicated Fire Rebuild Team

For more information about key regulations and policies to take into consideration in preparing your permit application, please refer to the Key County Code Provisions Regarding Rebuilding After Fire Disaster memo linked here.