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All-Electric Newly Constructed Residential Project

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled that this “All Electric” State law is preempted by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA). As a result, the County will no longer enforce the All Electric requirement.

As of January 2023, newly constructed residential projects located within the Urban Services Line must be of “all-electric” design. Residential project types include townhouses, ADUs, duplexes, single family residences and accessory structures.

All-electric design uses a permanent supply of electricity as the only source of energy for space conditioning (including heating and cooling), water heating (including pools and spas), cooking appliances, and clothes drying appliances, and has no natural gas or propane plumbing installed at the building. (SCC 12.10.245)


How to determine if a property is within the Urban Services Line?
Enter the Accessors Parcel Number (APN) on the Free Parcel Information Report page and generate a report. The “Current Assessor’s Characteristics” section indicates which properties are within the Urban Services Line (USL).

Does all-electric apply to existing structures that have existing gas connections?
No. All-electric requirements do not apply to structures with existing gas connections. This includes projects for a change of occupancy, conversion, alteration, addition, new JADU, new attached ADU, or the complete reconstruction of the existing structure.

Can gas be connected to existing structures not already connected to gas?
No. If gas does not already exist, it cannot be added.

How does all-electric apply to properties with both new and existing construction?
All-electric is required for the newly constructed detached structures. It does not apply to structures with existing gas connections.

Does all-electric apply to structures connected by a breezeway or covered walkway?
Yes. All-electric design is required unless there is a shared common wall or adjacent floor/ceiling to a structure with an existing gas connection.

Does all-electric apply to newly constructed detached accessory structures?
Yes. All-electric design is required for newly constructed accessory structures associated with residential uses.