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Sustainability Update

The Sustainability Policy and Regulatory Update (Sustainability Update) is a comprehensive update to the County’s General Plan/Local Coastal Program and modernization of the County Code. The goal of this update is to implement new policies and code regulations that support more sustainable communities in Santa Cruz County.

The County's current General Plan/Local Coastal Program was adopted in 1994, and must be updated at this time to align with new state laws, new regional and local plans, and a community vision that is focused on sustainable growth. At the same time, the County Code needs to be updated to implement the changes that are proposed in the General Plan/LCP. The County is also taking this opportunity to modernize the County Code and prepare Community Design Guidelines that will help applicants to understand our development rules and design projects that align with the community's vision.

Please visit the Sustainability Update website to learn more:

Sustainability Update Approved!

NEW! At their public hearings on Tuesday, December 6 and December 13, 2022, the Board of Supervisors approved the Sustainability Update project. Adopted documents will now head to the Coastal Commission for final certification. Learn More ⟶

View current drafts here: Project Documents.


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