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Residential Building Permit Fee Estimate Worksheet


Fee determinations are based on a number of variables.

The California Building Code mandates a fee formula based on the valuation of new structures. This formula considers the following 4 questions;

What will the use of the structure be?
What is the contract price of the project?
What is the square footage?
What is the quality of the construction?

Other variables which may apply are;

Will the structure be served by well & septic or sewer & water?
Will an encroachment permit be required?
Will fire fees or mitigation measures be required?
Will drainage review be required?
Where is the structure located? Some fees are based upon a district, such as school and traffic mitigation fees. Other review fees may be required if the project is located in Sensitive Habitat.

Other fees such as park fees are a fixed amount that we collect for each new living unit.

The following Building Permit Fee Estimate Sheet does its best to take into consideration many of the attributes of your property, but cannot fully cover all variables that may affect the cost of the permit.

Due to the complexity of these determinations, it is unwise to make assumptions until the full scope of a project is determined by Planning Department Staff at the time an application is accepted.

Please do not fill in amounts on checks prior to application acceptance.

Click below to continue and download the Fee Estimate Spreadsheet
(Requires Microsoft Excel)