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Grading Plan Requirements

A complete grading plan should clearly illustrate existing and proposed site topography, and provide sufficient information to determine the limits of grading and disturbance. Per County Code Section 16.20.060, minimum grading plan requirements are as follows:

Grading plans must include the following on a 24" x 36" blueprint:

  1. Name and address of property owne
  2. Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)
  3. Name and location of existing, adjacent streets
  4. Vicinity map
  5. Intended use or purpose of work
  6. North arrow and scale of drawing
  7. Site plan including entire parcel (APN) with area of proposed grading indicated and enlarged for clarity if necessary
  8. Existing structures, utilities, trees, watercourses, or any other topographical features of interest
  9. Details of proposed structures, including retaining walls
  10. Property lines, setbacks, or building envelopes
  11. Existing and proposed contours. Topographic information must be at a suitable scale to insure clarity. Minimum contour intervals are as follows:
    Slope of Existing Ground Contour Interval
    0-5% 1
    5-15% 2
    15% 10
    Note: GIS contours are not of sufficient accuracy to be utilized as base topography for grading plans.
  12. Volume of proposed grading for both cuts and fills
  13. Cross-sections of cuts, fills, building pads, and driveways (including property lines where appropriate)
  14. Clearly defined LIMITS OF GRADING activities (disturbed area)
  15. Toe and top of cut and fill slopes
  16. Profiles of proposed driveways and access roads (including gradient and stationing)
  17. Width, radius, and drainage facilities for driveways and access roads
  18. Proposed structural sections (sub-base, base, and pavement) for driveways and access roads (including compaction requirements).
  19. Existing and proposed locations of all septic disposal systems (tanks, leach fields, and expansion areas)
  20. Existing and proposed drainage facilities including culverts and other structures as appropriate
  21. An adequate erosion control plan including appropriate details and specifications
  22. Signature and stamp of civil engineer or architect

    After review by staff, additional information and/or plan revisions may be requested to clarify the proposed scope of work and ensure that this work meets County Code requirements. To assist the preparer, a grading plan checklist is available that provides a more detailed list of plan check requirements. If desired, this checklist may be completed by the preparer and included with the grading permit application materials to help guide staff to the necessary information during plan check.

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