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Zoning & Development Review
Is My Property Located in the Coastal Zone?

The following explains how to determine if your property is located in the Coastal Zone using the County of Santa Cruz GIS Mapping Application.

Step 1
Open on the "Mapping and GIS" Application through the Planning Department's Home Page or by clicking here. Read the disclaimer and click "OK."

Step 2
Enter your parcel number in Box 2 and click "Find it." If you do not know your parcel number, click here.

Step 3
Click on the "Land Use" tab at the bottom of the window and scroll down to see if your property is located in the Coastal Zone (as well as other Land Use information).

Other Tips
You can also turn on the "Coastal Zone" layer, by opening the table of contents under the "View" tab (located at the top left) and selecting "Coastal Zone" under "Land Use and Gen'l Plan". Blue hatching will appear over areas in the Coastal Zone.