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Tiny Homes

The County is considering adding regulations to allow “tiny homes” as primary dwellings and as accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

Join the Conversation!

(1) Give your opinion by answering the TINY HOMES SURVEY

(2) Attend an upcoming virtual community meeting:

  • December 9, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 PM: Special focus on south county 
    • To participate via computer or mobile app: Click here to join the meeting
    • To participate via phone: +1 916-318-9542, Phone Conference ID: 667 185 385#

What is a tiny home?

Tiny homes are small dwellings, generally less than 400 square feet, either on foundations or on wheels. Tiny homes on foundations are already allowed in Santa Cruz County and are subject to the building and zoning codes. Tiny homes on wheels are considered recreational vehicles or trailers and are not currently allowed as housing in Santa Cruz County except within designated RV parks or as temporary housing.

Tiny homes have the potential to provide a small, flexible, and relatively low cost housing option for residents in Santa Cruz County. However, there are many things to consider in developing regulations for tiny homes, such as: 

  • Are tiny homes appropriate in all areas of Santa Cruz County? 
  • Where should tiny homes be located on a property?
  • What development standards should be required for tiny homes? 
  • What kind of permits are appropriate? 
  • What utility hook ups should be required?
  • When are tiny homes "real property" vs. "personal property," and what are the implications of that?