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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I know if I qualify?

Question 2: How do I find a Measure J home to buy?

  • You can click on this link Units for Sale to review our periodically updated list of Measure J homes that are currently for sale.
  • You can work with a real estate agent and have him/her check their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database for Measure J homes for sale.
  • You can contact developers, or their sales agents, for new Measure J units.  You may also contact Porcila Wilson at 831-454-2217 to find out about any developers accepting inquiries on new developments.  
  • Please remember that the seller always chooses the buyer.

Question 3: If I qualify under the Program's eligibility requirements, then how do I go about actually buying a Measure J home?

  • Initially, you will go to a lending agency, follow our financing requirements which are specified in the Affordable Housing Guidelines link above and become pre-qualified for a home loan. Next, you and the seller must first agree to the terms of the sale by signing a Purchase Contract.
  • With a Purchase Contract in hand signed by all parties, ask the seller to provide you with the Certification Checklist or click here to view it now.  Call the Measure J Program Coordinator at 454-2336 for an appointment to verify your Program eligibility. This Certification Checklist will inform you of exactly what documents you will need to make copies of and bring to the interview to verify your residency, household size, income, assets, financing requirments and first time home buyer status. The in-person interview takes about 45 minutes to complete.   All occupying adults must be present for the interview. 
  • If it is determined that you qualify for the program and you brought all items from the checklist, I can approve you on the spot.  At this same appointment, you will go through a disclosure presentation regarding the Measure J Program.

Question 4: What other steps do I need to take to purchase a Measure J home?

  • First, have your (or the seller's) sales agent open escrow with a local title company.  The final certification will not be complete until we have an escrow number.  The escrow officer will need to contact the Measure J Program Coordinator at 454-2336 for the Planning Department's documents and escrow instructions.
  • The Program Coordinator will prepare the Program documents and the Planning Department's escrow instructions for the escrow officer so that you may complete the transaction. There is a fee paid by the seller or buyer for this service.  Please be sure to notify the County at least 4 business days before signing so the County can be present with all necessary docuements.

Question 5: How do I find information on Measure J units for rent?

  • Please see pages 3-9 of our Affordable Housing Guidelines for information regarding Measure J rentals.
  • You may check the classified ads or call local property managers to find out about availability.
  • If you are a senior citizen, 62 years of age or older, please contact managers of the following projects who rent to seniors at Measure J rent levels:
  • Dominican Oaks, 3400 Paul Sweet Road, Santa Cruz. Contact Janet Thiel, Manager, at 462-6257
  • Paloma Del Mar Apartments, 2030 Pajaro Lane, Freedom. Contact Elizabeth Lanier, Manager, at 763-2030

Question 6: Who manages the initial sale, resale, rent, refinance and monitoring of existing Measure J units?

  • The Santa Cruz County Planning Department manages the sale, rent or refinance of newly built and existing Measure J units. Contact the Measure J Program Coordinator, at 454-2336 for more information.