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Santa Cruz County Planning Department

Affordable Housing Programs

Aptos Village will include 65 residential units. Ten of the homes (1, 2 and 3-bd) will be deed restricted affordable units under the County of Santa Cruz Measure J Program.  The Measure J homes will include a permanent resale price restriction through the County of Santa Cruz. 

Measure J homes will be available in two phases.  Phase 1 will include five affordable homes (four 1-bd and one 2-bd).  The Phase 1 homes are projected to be available in the summer/fall of 2018 and the application process will begin several months before hand.  Phase 2 homes will include five affordable homes (one 1-bd, two 2-bd and two 3-bd) and are expected to be available in late 2019. The schedule for marketing and applying for phase 1 can be found below.

Swenson Builders is the developer of Aptos Village and has secured Sereno Group to market and sell the residential homes.  Please see the below links for contact information.

Information on Phase 2 coming in early/mid 2019.

Phase 1 Application Packet

Visit the official website for The Aptos Village Project

Phase 1 map for location of Measure J units

Please note that we don't have final prices yet so these are the estimated price ranges:

Bedroom Size

Number of Units Phase 1

Number of Units Phase 2

Estimated Price Range*

1 Bedroom



$255,257 - $280,142

2 Bedroom



$296,496 - $321,382

3 Bedroom



$337,735 - $362,621