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Building & Safety

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“Limited Immunity Amnesty Program” (LIAP) for Any Unpermitted Construction Type

At the direction of the Board of Supervisors, the County Planning Department is preparing to launch a new program for existing, unpermitted construction. Under this program, a Life Safety Inspection Checklist would be completed, and a special site inspection would occur. Building Permits would be issued to the property owner as needed to correct health and safety deficiencies, but the structure/situation as a whole would not be considered permitted and legalized. Instead, the County records would reflect participation in the LIAP and resultant very low priority level for future code compliance, as long as conditions were maintained.

The objective of the LIAP is to achieve compliance with the Housing Code and ensure safe, healthy and habitable conditions for existing structures. County records will document the date of inspections and nature of repairs made to structures, and state that upon completion of LIAP activities, the property is considered to be in a safe and habitable condition for the type of recognized occupancy. County records reflecting participation in the program will offer limited immunity from future zoning and building code enforcement efforts, as long as conditions continue to be safe and habitable.

The key reason for the LIAP program is to be able to inspect unpermitted structures to ensure that they are safe and habitable, allowing these structures to continue to provide needed housing and other resources to the Santa Cruz County community.

Board Memo dated January 10, 2017, describing the LIAP